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16 février 2010

EUR - Lancement en Finlande du programme « Groove – Growth from Renewables »

Récemment, l’agence TEKES annonçait le lancement d’un programme dont le principal objectif est d’aider les PME finlandaises qui travaillent avec les énergies renouvelables à améliorer leur compétitivité à l’échelle internationale et à tisser plus à fond leurs réseaux. Le programme sera en vigueur de 2010 à 2014. (Texte en anglais)


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Renewable energy – growth from internationalisation‘Groove – Growth from Renewables’ is a new programme launched on 1 January 2010. It seeks to promote the growth and internationalisation of small and medium size companies in particular.

Mitigation of climate change is the key challenge in the efforts to reduce the environmental impact of the production and use of energy. Accordingly, energy production must be based on carbon-free and low-emission generation models, such as renewable energy. Improved energy efficiency is another important factor in mitigating climate change.


Competitive advantages from renewable energy

“The main objective of the Groove Programme is to enhance the business capabilities of Finnish SMEs working with renewable energy by improving their international competitiveness and developing networks. To achieve this goal, their growth and internationalisation will be supported in collaboration with the financier network. The programme offers assistance in enhancing business skills and, in particular, in identifying and joining international networks,” says Programme Director Pia Salokoski of Tekes.

“As the operating environment for renewable energy is constantly changing, the objective of the programme is to find new ways of commercialising technology more quickly,” she continues. Special attention will also be paid to consumer orientation because consumers will play a growing role both in innovation activities and technological advancement.

Funding is increasingly being allocated to growth and internationalisation. Aside from research and development, funding may also be requested for improving business skills and commercialisation capabilities.


Towards international markets

Finnish renewable energy SMEs can seek growth by entering the international marketplace. The goal is that the international business operations of the companies selected for the programme grows at an annual rate of 10 to 20 per cent. Another objective is to create new international growth companies in Finland in the renewable energy sector.

A further goal is to accelerate the commercialisation and application of research findings both through firms already operating in the field and by creating new spin off companies.

The Groove Programme will run from 2010 to 2014. Of the total budget of EUR 96 million, Tekes will account for about a half with the rest of the funding to be provided by the participating companies.


Further information

Programme Director Pia Salokoski
Tel. +358 50 557 7672

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